Why did your car wash not remove the bird droppings/tree sap/hard water stains from my car?

Unfortunately, our wash may not be able to get everything off your car. Things that would be difficult to remove by scrapping by hand are not going to come off easily in our wash, or any car wash using equipment for that matter. The reason for that is friction.

There is a perfect amount of friction that every express wash aims to achieve. Just enough to clean the surface of cars well and not so much that customers get concerned about damage to their paint.

Bird droppings are especially tricky. A lot of it depends on how long they have been on the car and how long they have been in the sun. These factors play a huge role in how what it will take to remove. Our chemicals are eco-friendly, so while they work very actively to break down dirt and any droppings, they still need help from the modest friction of the foam brushes. Our foam brushes are designed, in conjunction with lubrication, to apply just the right amount of friction to safely wash vehicles, without damaging any paint. While these droppings might come off easily using a wet towel and your finger, that is still applying much more pressure than we’d like to apply in the tunnel and much more than our customers would be comfortable with.

Tree sap and hard water stains are a little different. From the moment tree sap gets on your vehicle it is forming a bond that is sticking to the paint or glass. After spending some time in the sun, it’ll form a little bubble and harden. Our brushes don’t use enough force to break that bubble and take off the sap. Imagine leaving syrup on your hands for a little bit. Running your hands through water, putting some soap on and drying your hands won’t completely take away that sticky feeling. It would take a little more force than what our brushes are capable of doing and a different type of chemical or adhesive remover to safely get sap off paint.

Hard water stains are something that we will never be able to treat at our express wash. Hard water stains are the minerals that are left behind when city water (from sprinklers or a water hose) has dried up on your car. If they are not wiped up right away these spots will start to eat away at the clear coat protectant on your car, leaving it very rough and exposing the layer of paint. It will then stain that layer of paint, making them nearly impossible to be treated at an express car wash. H2Go Express Car Wash uses a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System for our final rinse of every vehicle. This system treats the water by pushing it through a series of membranes and taking out almost every mineral that water normally has. So when the water reaches your car, it will not stain it like city water, even if you do not dry it off after exiting the tunnel. Many detail shops have remedies for these stains but it takes time and can be costly. ​

With all of that being said, we will always be more than happy to run your car through a second or even third time, if necessary. Just ask a team member and they will gladly help you out.