What do I do if all of the vacuums stalls are taken after I get my car washed at your express wash?

Our washes can get very busy, especially on the weekends. And on those busy days it can be tough to find an open parking spot after exiting the tunnel. If it were easy to return to the wash later in the day and skip the wash queue by directly entering the vacuum plaza, we’d definitely suggest that. But our car washes are designed for maximum efficiency and that makes it hard for customers to enter the wash without being directed into the wash queue. Because of that we cannot recommend returning to vacuum your car. The best thing we can suggest is to try to pick times in the day to visit the wash that are off-peak so you can have a better chance for an open vacuum stall. Mornings, late afternoons and weekdays are optimal. And remember, we have better hours of operation than most other car washes so visiting at off-peak times should be easier!