How is H2Go different than other car washes?

There are so many ways H2Go is different, but just to name a few…..

First, you will not pay a live cashier. We’ve attempted to streamline things by utilizing kiosks for all transactions. You will find the process easy, fast and consistent. Our kiosks accept cash (bills only), credit cards, and H2Go gift cards.

Second, you do not leave your car during the wash unlike most full service washes in Southern California.

Third, we offer always-free vacuums and mat cleaners! After your wash you can exit the lot if you are short on time or you can park in one of our vacuum stalls to tend to the interior of your car. You can also choose to use our free air compressors (where available).

Fourth, we have the best pricing on unlimited wash plans in the industry. If you like to keep your car clean on a consistent basis one of our unlimited plans can save a lot of money for you. We are available to answer any questions you might have about these plans.

Lastly, we like to think that our customer service is what truly separates us from all others. We will go to great lengths to ensure that every one of our customers has a good experience at H2Go. Our customers are our primary business focus and we consider our customers in every decision we make. Do not hesitate to tell us what we can do to improve your car wash experience. We aim to please each and every time you come to see us and guarantee your satisfaction!