Do I get out of the car? And who vacuums my car?

No, you do not have to leave the comforts of your car to get your car cleaned at H2Go. You will be asked to slowly drive onto our safe, automatic conveyor with the guidance of one of our well-trained employees. At that time you will put your car in neutral, and take your hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals as your car is slowly pulled along the wash. This process lasts only a few minutes, but kids really love this part! Sit back and look at all of the high-tech methods we use to wash your vehicle!

At the end of the wash tunnel a sign will instruct you to put your car into drive and at that point you can exit the lot if your time is short. Or you can pull into the vacuum plaza for vacuuming. However, if you wish to have your interior vacuumed it is something you will have to do yourself. Our vacuums are powerful and easy to use. If we are not busy please take as long as you like. But we ask as a courtesy that if we are busy to keep your vacuum plaza time under five minutes. You are also welcome to use our always free mat cleaners and always free air compressors (where available). And please do not be shy about asking one of our team members to show you how to use any of these services if you are hesitant.