Do I dry my own car?

No, you should not have to dry your car. Our car washes are equipped with high-powered driers that come on after your car has been thoroughly cleaned in the tunnel. But you may have a couple of drops on your car still. That is normal at any express car wash. However, you can rest assured knowing that if you do not dry the drops off right away they will bead off your car once you get out on the road. The reason why is that we treat our rinse water in such a way that it will not cause water spots. This is called Reverse Osmosis water technology. We invested heavily in this technology so that our customers would not have to worry about the drops on their cars. But if you still want to get those pesky drops off your car right away, you can purchase a high quality micro-fiber towel from one of our team members for $1. And don’t forget to clean the towel at home and keep it in your car for the next time you visit us. They also do well on your dashboard and interior.