Important Message For All

H2GO Unlimited Club Members

(active as of September 8, 2020)


We are pleased to announce that you are being “grandfathered” into your current plan price indefinitely, as long as your plan is kept current with no future lapse in payment.*

Effective September 9, 2020, the prices of H2GO Unlimited Club Plans (including Family Plans) for new members have increased.

This change was deemed necessary due to the slight restructuring of our wash packages, most notably, our GO Blue wash. The GO Blue wash is now offering eLuminate, a ceramic polish treatment. It is a two-step process that leaves your car with an amazing shine. This treatment will be delivered in place of the eFoam. We know our Blue customers are going to absolutely love the results. Please let us know how you like it!

*We encourage all Unlimited Club Members to utilize the features on the H2GO website to keep your payment method current in order to avoid any lapses. If your plan has a lapse in payment due to expired credit card, replacement credit card, insufficient funds, or any other reason, you will need to sign up for a new plan at the regular pricing effective at that time.

Click here to update your credit card information.