Frequently Asked Questions

How is H2Go different than other car washes?

There are so many ways H2Go is different, but just to name a few…..

First, you will not pay a live cashier. We’ve attempted to streamline things by utilizing kiosks for all transactions. You will find the process easy, fast and consistent. Our kiosks accept cash (bills only), credit cards, and H2Go gift cards.

Second, you do not leave your car during the wash unlike most full service washes in Southern California.

Third, we offer always-free vacuums and mat cleaners! After your wash you can exit the lot if you are short on time or you can park in one of our vacuum stalls to tend to the interior of your car. You can also choose to use our free air compressors (where available).

Fourth, we have the best pricing on unlimited wash plans in the industry. If you like to keep your car clean on a consistent basis one of our unlimited plans can save a lot of money for you. We are available to answer any questions you might have about these plans.

Lastly, we like to think that our customer service is what truly separates us from all others. We will go to great lengths to ensure that every one of our customers has a good experience at H2Go. Our customers are our primary business focus and we consider our customers in every decision we make. Do not hesitate to tell us what we can do to improve your car wash experience. We aim to please each and every time you come to see us and guarantee your satisfaction!

Do you offer group unlimited plans for families?

We do not yet offer any family plans but are discussing it internally and hope to have something soon that might benefit the many families out there that are “raving fans” of H2Go and would like to save a couple more dollars! Check back here often and/or sign-up to be on our email list to find out when this plan is launched.

Do you offer multiple car unlimited plans for individuals with more than one car?

This is another offering that we are working on and would ultimately like to offer to our customers. We have heard from many of you out there that have more than one car and would like to be in the club but not be required to buy a separate pass for each car. We are working on it! Check back soon!

Is there an H2Go coming to my city?

There may be! We have a very skilled land acquisition group that is actively pursuing sites up and down the coast. We also have lofty goals for market dominance in Southern California. All we can say is check in with us here on our website and join our email list for the best information about upcoming sites. Rest assured that more H2Go Express Washes are coming to Southern California very soon!

What do I do if all of the vacuums stalls are taken after I get my car washed at your express wash?

Our washes can get very busy, especially on the weekends. And on those busy days it can be tough to find an open parking spot after exiting the tunnel. If it were easy to return to the wash later in the day and skip the wash queue by directly entering the vacuum plaza, we’d definitely suggest that. But our car washes are designed for maximum efficiency and that makes it hard for customers to enter the wash without being directed into the wash queue. Because of that we cannot recommend returning to vacuum your car. The best thing we can suggest is to try to pick times in the day to visit the wash that are off-peak so you can have a better chance for an open vacuum stall. Mornings, late afternoons and weekdays are optimal. And remember, we have better hours of operation than most other car washes so visiting at off-peak times should be easier!

How are refunds processed?

Refunds typically take 5-7 business days to appear on your statement so please be patient! Thanks!

Can trucks use H2Go?

Yes, trucks can definitely get cleaned at any H2Go! In fact, we do not charge extra for trucks and SUVs like most other car washes do in Southern California. But what we do ask as a courtesy is that you clean out all tools, trash, rocks, sand, tie downs, ropes, and debris from the bed of your truck before you enter the tunnel. Failing to do so will cause a delay at the wash and on busy days that might frustrate other customers waiting behind you. Thanks for helping us out with this and helping us remain speedy for all of our customers!

I have a dually (truck with dual rear tires on each side). Can my dually truck run through any of your car washes?

Actually, our conveyors can not accommodate any cars with extra wide wheel bases. We apologize for this, but it is fairly standard in the car wash industry that conveyors do not accommodate vehicles such as these.

Is this safe for my car?

Yes, our car wash is extremely safe. And it is made much safer when our customers follow our simple, concise instructions while on the lot and in the tunnel. Those instructions will be presented to you by one of our well-trained employees as you enter the tunnel so there is nothing to worry about. Sit back and enjoy the smooth ride!

Is H2Go a touch-free car wash?

No, H2Go is definitely not a touch-free car wash. A touch-free car wash uses more chemicals to compensate for the lack of friction, an essential component in effective car-washing. They also use more water and are much slower (cannot process as many cars as an express). And these type of car washes also do a very poor job of cleaning moderate to very dirty vehicles. H2Go gives our customers a quality wash with the advantage of friction based, closed cell foam technology. In other words, our brushes are made of soft foam, a very gentle material for vehicle surfaces. This material is soft, flexible, and light weight. Unlike bristle brushes and some cloth brushes, closed cell foam does not hold onto dirt and offers zero risk of scratching cars. This ensures the safety of your painted finish and provides the gentle polish H2Go promises its customers.

Do I get out of the car? And who vacuums my car?

No, you do not have to leave the comforts of your car to get your car cleaned at H2Go. You will be asked to slowly drive onto our safe, automatic conveyor with the guidance of one of our well-trained employees. At that time you will put your car in neutral, and take your hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals as your car is slowly pulled along the wash. This process lasts only a few minutes, but kids really love this part! Sit back and look at all of the high-tech methods we use to wash your vehicle!

At the end of the wash tunnel a sign will instruct you to put your car into drive and at that point you can exit the lot if your time is short. Or you can pull into the vacuum plaza for vacuuming. However, if you wish to have your interior vacuumed it is something you will have to do yourself. Our vacuums are powerful and easy to use. If we are not busy please take as long as you like. But we ask as a courtesy that if we are busy to keep your vacuum plaza time under five minutes. You are also welcome to use our always free mat cleaners and always free air compressors (where available). And please do not be shy about asking one of our team members to show you how to use any of these services if you are hesitant.

Do I owe a tip to any of the employees?

No, tips are definitely not customary at H2Go. This is another major difference between H2Go and most other car washes. Keep your dollar bills as savings by putting them in your savings account!

Who do I contact if I think I lost something at the wash?

Please email us at and state what is missing and which location it occurred. Also leave your contact information and we will get in contact with the wash location that you visited and attempt to find your lost item.

Do I dry my own car?

No, you should not have to dry your car. Our car washes are equipped with high-powered driers that come on after your car has been thoroughly cleaned in the tunnel. But you may have a couple of drops on your car still. That is normal at any express car wash. However, you can rest assured knowing that if you do not dry the drops off right away they will bead off your car once you get out on the road. The reason why is that we treat our rinse water in such a way that it will not cause water spots. This is called Reverse Osmosis water technology. We invested heavily in this technology so that our customers would not have to worry about the drops on their cars. But if you still want to get those pesky drops off your car right away, you can purchase a high quality micro-fiber towel from one of our team members for $1. And don’t forget to clean the towel at home and keep it in your car for the next time you visit us. They also do well on your dashboard and interior.

What can I use the vacuums for?

The vacuums are strictly for vacuuming crumbs, small debris and other very small pieces of trash from within the interior of your car. Please do not use it to vacuum up liquid of any sort as this can and usually does damage the vacuum lines and will most definitely inhibit the effectiveness of the vacuum system for all customers. It will cause delays due to mandatory maintenance that would become necessary to clear out the clogs. Our vacuums are also not to be used for sucking up large pieces of food, diapers, wrappers, clothing, rope, or anything bigger than a nickel. Please help us keep the vacuums working well for all by throwing away big piece of trashes by hand before using the vacuums!

How do I use the free mat cleaner?

Our mat cleaners are always free and easy to use. However, if you ever have any problems do not hesitate to ask one of our team members for help.

Do not attempt to use our mat cleaners with any mats that have prior damage or moderate wear, only mats in very good condition

Carpet mats only (no plastic or synthetic)

Make sure all clips/fasteners are removed from your mats before loading

Load them face down and one mat at a time

Clean mats will drop out of the bottom

Retrieve and rerun a second time if you like

Water is not used, only high-powered dry brushes

Refer to the instructions on the machine

Why did your car wash not remove the bird droppings/tree sap/hard water stains from my car?

Unfortunately, our wash may not be able to get everything off your car. Things that would be difficult to remove by scrapping by hand are not going to come off easily in our wash, or any car wash using equipment for that matter. The reason for that is friction.

There is a perfect amount of friction that every express wash aims to achieve. Just enough to clean the surface of cars well and not so much that customers get concerned about damage to their paint.

Bird droppings are especially tricky. A lot of it depends on how long they have been on the car and how long they have been in the sun. These factors play a huge role in how what it will take to remove. Our chemicals are eco-friendly, so while they work very actively to break down dirt and any droppings, they still need help from the modest friction of the foam brushes. Our foam brushes are designed, in conjunction with lubrication, to apply just the right amount of friction to safely wash vehicles, without damaging any paint. While these droppings might come off easily using a wet towel and your finger, that is still applying much more pressure than we’d like to apply in the tunnel and much more than our customers would be comfortable with.

Tree sap and hard water stains are a little different. From the moment tree sap gets on your vehicle it is forming a bond that is sticking to the paint or glass. After spending some time in the sun, it’ll form a little bubble and harden. Our brushes don’t use enough force to break that bubble and take off the sap. Imagine leaving syrup on your hands for a little bit. Running your hands through water, putting some soap on and drying your hands won’t completely take away that sticky feeling. It would take a little more force than what our brushes are capable of doing and a different type of chemical or adhesive remover to safely get sap off paint.

Hard water stains are something that we will never be able to treat at our express wash. Hard water stains are the minerals that are left behind when city water (from sprinklers or a water hose) has dried up on your car. If they are not wiped up right away these spots will start to eat away at the clear coat protectant on your car, leaving it very rough and exposing the layer of paint. It will then stain that layer of paint, making them nearly impossible to be treated at an express car wash. H2Go Express Car Wash uses a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System for our final rinse of every vehicle. This system treats the water by pushing it through a series of membranes and taking out almost every mineral that water normally has. So when the water reaches your car, it will not stain it like city water, even if you do not dry it off after exiting the tunnel. Many detail shops have remedies for these stains but it takes time and can be costly. ​

With all of that being said, we will always be more than happy to run your car through a second or even third time, if necessary. Just ask a team member and they will gladly help you out.


Unlimited Club Answers

What is the deal with this sticker on my windshield?

We call it a FastPass tag and it is not unlike a toll road transponder that a lot of us are used to here in Southern California. This tag has a magnetic strip in it that can be read by our scanners in the express pay terminal lanes for our customers that join one of our unlimited plans. This speeds up the process and makes things easier for our customers. These strips are very sensitive and are designed to self-destroy upon removal so please don’t tamper with them.

I am an unlimited club member and I have a FastPass tag on my windshield. What do i do if I have bought a new car? How can I transfer my tag to my new car?

Just drop by the wash and one of our managers will assist you in removing the old FastPass tag and add a new tag to your new car. The manager will make the change in our system so your new tag in your new car is associated with your account. This will ensure that there is no interruption to your club plan.

Can I use my FastPass at all H2Go wash locations?

You can use your FastPass (Club Plan Membership) at ALL H2Go locations. Your FastPass tag (sticker) will work just as it did at the location where you first signed up. Your membership is a network-wide membership that ensures total compatibility with each point of sale system at our washes. We want your membership to be as useful as possible and we hope you utilize our locations that are convenient to you.

What is an “anniversary date?”

The “anniversary date” is the day of the month that you sign up for one of our unlimited plans. For example, if you sign up on the 3rd of February, your anniversary date will be the 3rd of each month thereafter. That is when your credit card will be automatically billed.

How do I cancel my unlimited club membership?

You can cancel your Unlimited Pass membership at any time. To better process cancellation requests we ask that you quickly submit this form. This form contains all of the information that we need to promptly get this processed for you and to help you avoid any future charges. But please allow a few days for this to be processed by initiating your request at least 5 days before your next anniversary date, in order to avoid a charge in that next billing cycle.

What is the best way for me to update credit card information?

The good news is that this process is made very easy by utilizing our kiosk in most cases.

However, if you you are wanting to change from one VALID card to another VALID card you must park off site or adjacent to the car wash and find a manager. They will make the change for you in our control room (office) and after that you will be able to pull around into the queue to get your car washed, if desired.

In cases where the card is expired, declined, insufficient funds, terminated card due to fraud alert, etc. this process can be done by driving through the queue like any normal visit and pulling up to the kiosk.

If this visit is AFTER your anniversary date, and thus AFTER we have tried billing your credit card unsuccessfully, the kiosk will recognize you based on your FastPass tag and will ask you to swipe a new credit card to “re-enroll”. You will get a receipt printed that will require you to re-sign and that’s it! Your previous FastPass tag, if still affixed to your windshield and not damaged in any way, will be associated to this new plan.

If this visit is BEFORE your anniversary date, and thus BEFORE we have tried billing your credit card, the kiosk will recognize you like any other day and the gate will immediately open. Enter the tunnel and enjoy your wash, just remember to park in the vacuum plaza and find a manager. They will help you make the change to a new card.

Additionally, it is NOT necessary to visit the same wash you originally signed up at. Whichever site is most convenient, as our computer system is universal.